Love In Numbers

What happens when you have so many people in your house and you start to get bored...YOU TAKE PICS!!! My little brother recently graduated this weekend and this family is crazy. But i love them to bits. And i had a lot of sunglasses props around the house so i decided to gather some members... Continue Reading →

Pirate Rum

Why is the rum, ALWAYS GONE!! HAPPY PIRATE DAY EVERYONE!!! Tomorrow¬†Pirates of the Caribbean comes out and I feel like the perfect way to prep for the weekend movie is to have a watch party the day before. And the best way to enjoy the movie is with a nice cup of rum. Now since... Continue Reading →

Bubble Galaxy

TO INFINITY AND BEYOND YOU BEAUTIFUL GRADUATES.   There is legit 5 more days till my little brothers graduation and I'm so proud of him and the many other seniors i know who are leaving their parents house so they can party and drink like teens again...Wait WHAHHH? JUST KIDDING But seriously this time of... Continue Reading →

A New Self Start

Why is it that we live in a world where taking selfies is considered narcissistic. Yea the duck face and ass shots aren't the best representations of humility, but when we've all got things to do, taking pictures with friends and family becomes a rarity. Recently, I've been on a drought for creativity. Week after... Continue Reading →

May Flowers

OOOO I love spring!!! April is almost over and I'm getting out of school!! This time of year reminds me of fairies dancing in the woods. You know what they say; April showers bring May flowers...     Models: Demitrius, Ericka & Julia Photographer: Savvi Ray Occasion: Wilting Weather If you are in need of... Continue Reading →

School Is School

Well F**** me gently with a chainsaw!!! AHHHH my binge spree is over and I'm finally getting over Heathers. But how can you?!?! This movie is AWESOME! The broadway soundtrack PHENOMENAL! This story completely embodies what high school is no matter what time period. Sometime you feel like either blowing up or annihilating that cursed... Continue Reading →

Blank Canvas

Diversity: being within a group with differing characteristics, no matter what size, color, or sexual orientation. This is one of the seven core values my organization Panthers Allure stands by and i support this value more than anything. The fashion industry is learning how to accept individuals no matter what their background is. If their... Continue Reading →

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